September 27, 2018


Dave Colburn

Dave Colburn Portrait

Bike Riding in Manhattan

Dave Colburn is a native Kansan and has lived in Manhattan for 42 years. He raised three daughters here, the youngest of whom is attending K-State. He is in his 40th year at The Pathfinder. And he is in his 16th year of serving on the Manhattan Ogden Board of Education. He has been riding bikes since he was 6 years old. He has raced, done loaded touring and has at least dabbled in most of the bicycle disciplines. His highest number of miles ridden in one year was 8,000+ miles. Most years he averages about 4,000 miles of riding.

Lauren Holmes Larry

Lauren Larry Portrait

What Is Sustainability? How Do We Make It Accessible?

Lauren Holmes Larry is an E-RYT 200 yoga instructor, ballet teacher and plant based health coach. She enjoys researching speaking and teaching about sustainability in local communities for all people. Lauren holds a psychology degree from Howard University and a Plant Based Nutrition Certification from Cornell University. In her spare time, Lauren volunteers with Green Apple Bikes and enjoys hiking with her husband.

KayLee Proctor

KayLee Proctor Portrait

Love at First Sight: Oxytocin’s Role in Parenting

KayLee Proctor is the owner of Little Apple Doulas, a doula agency in Manhattan, Kansas and is a certified labor and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, Child Passenger Safety Technician, and paramedic. KayLee was born a natural leader and her passion for supporting families through birth and postpartum began in 2011 and continues to expand to embrace different aspects of early parenthood. She resides in Manhattan with her husband, Wes, and their three children and enjoys playing softball in her spare time.

Rita Ross

Rita Ross Portrait

Adventures on the Appalachian Trail

Rita Ross taught school for thirty years.  She had never hiked more than a handful of miles at once when her husband, Fred Newton, dropped her off in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia in the spring of 2013. As he pulled away from the trailhead, leaving her alone among the trees and rocks and mountains, she asked herself, “What have I done?” Rita didn’t know anyone who had hiked long distances, but she was compelled to give it a go, intrigued by thoughts of solitude in nature and total responsibility for oneself.  It turns out that this Kansan enjoys going up and down mountains all day. She has completed about half of the Appalachian Trail (AT), a little over 1100 miles, and she intends to keep going until she reaches the end of the trail, the summit of Mount Katahdin in Maine.

Michi Tobler

Michi Tobler Portrait

Seeing the World Through Science

Michi Tobler is a professional fish squeezer and studies evolution in extreme environments at K-State’s Division of Biology. He spends his time trying to reverse-engineer nature, mostly because understanding how organisms work gives him a sense of purpose and an appreciation for the beauty of our world. He obsesses over smoking the perfect pork BBQ, taking THAT picture of a sunrise, and seeing all 341 species of obscure fish in the livebearer family in their natural habitat. He is also grateful for his family and students that help him keeping his obsessions in check. Michi has recently found a band of kindred spirits in K-SCI (the Kansas Science Communication Initiative), a group of communicators, educators, and scientists that unabashedly flaunt their nerdiness to spread an appreciation for science and research.

Jared Tremblay

Jared Tremblay Portrait

Why Biking & Pedestrians Are Important

Jared Tremblay joined the Flint Hills Metropolitan Planning Organization in July of 2016. Prior to this he worked for the City of Manhattan’s Public Works Department, as the Infrastructure Analyst for water and sewer modelling. He also served as the Staff Liaison to the Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board, working towards increasing safety and facilities for cyclists and pedestrians. He began his career working in Kansas City for a private GIS firm, specializing in satellite imagery analysis and pipeline mapping. Jared and his wife moved back to Manhattan to raise their daughter Opal. His passion for creating a multi-modal transportation system are evident in his personal choices and community habits. Most of the time, you will see Jared walking or biking to meetings, leaving his vehicle at home.