January 25, 2018 LINEUP

Nikki Bowman– Beekeeping

Nikki Bowman is a registered nurse turned full-time bee geek.  She teaches and mentors beekeepers throughout the Manhattan area, works full time in a beekeeping equipment shop, currently has 15 beehives, and knows many odd facts about honey bees.

Jessica Canfield – Hidden Beauty of Landscapes

Jessica Canfield is a registered landscape architect and Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at Kansas State University. Her teaching and research focus on improving the social dimensions and environmental performance of urban public space. She is particularly interested in understanding the relationship between how landscapes look and function. What she loves most about being a designer is the ability to create places that can shape memories, enrich people’s lives, and contribute to an improved environment.

Jeffrey Hicks—Engineering, Science(s), and Mathematics
Where the meet and what I’ve learned, in 6 minutes…

 Jeffrey Hicks has degrees in Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering.  After working as an engineer/graduate student (more engineer than student), he decided to transition into teaching so that he could have a more direct and sincere impact on people’s lives.  In his spare time he enjoys cooking delicious food and baking scrumptious pastries; the occasional engineering project, whether it be wood, metal, or fabric; proselytizing about how math is not evil; and of course devoting much time and service with his wonderful wife to their evil overlord of a puppy.

Josh Hicks – Community Building

Josh Hicks is a community driven entrepreneur who thrives on bringing people together. He was born in Salina, KS and attended a small rural school. He started his current photography business at age 16, and more recently launched Manhattans first shared workspace, The Fellow Coworking in early 2016. Josh is married to his wife Shelby, who also is a part of both businesses. Josh has always enjoyed building things like woodworking projects, custom antler lamps, and even a dirt racetrack for bicycles while in middle school. Now, at age 25, he is focused on a different kind of building. To Josh, community building can look like a group of 40 aspiring photographers, or 40 people working their day job.. together in one building. The newest community he is bringing together is The Prairie Society, a creative community of diverse artists.

Palma Holden – Finding the Magic in the Everyday

Palma Holden has been honing her presentation and communication skills bimonthly as a member of The Manhattan Toastmasters Club the past five years for exactly such a creative, expressive venue as Talk20MHK. She facilitates meditation and mindful living classes through UFM and privately. In private practice, Palma holds a Masters in Education from K-State. After teaching and counseling in traditional and non-traditional arenas for decades, she now offers intuitive, holistic life consulting for people, and even pets, helping clients connect to their unproductive thoughts & feelings, gain valuable insight, reduce the stress and feel better about life moving forward. Palma lived the first 25 years of her life in Hollis, Queens, NY, and the last couple of decades in the Little Apple, most of that time with her husband Richard Penner and their 14 & 1/2 old Siberian Husky, Spreecy.

Carmen Schober – Storytelling and Goal-Setting Through Film

Carmen Schober is a passionate writer, mentor, and professional goal coach. 
In February 2016, Carmen founded TheMillionTo1Club — a powerful support network for people who want to set goals, smash goals, and repeat. Carmen served as an instructor in the English department for three years and as a coordinator for the K-State First Program, after earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing. She also served as the Editor-in-Chief of Touchstone, the university’s literary arts magazine. During her time at KSU, she worked closely with students as a teacher and mentor. Currently she serves as a part-time writing specialist for Educational Support Services. Carmen writes short fiction, novels, nonfiction, screenplays, and freelance pieces. Her stories have been featured in Hobart PulpWitness MagazineWeekend Collective, andYeah KC!. Her work has also been recognized by the Kansas State Department of English and Glimmer Train