Talk20MHK is a collaborative project of UFM Community Learning Center and Manhattan Public Library. The goal of Talk20MHK is to build strong community connections by giving individuals a platform to share their knowledge, stories, and skills with others in the community. The event will include as many as eight speakers featuring a dynamic presentation on their chosen topic.

Each person will be allowed 20 PowerPoint slides with 20 seconds of speaking time for each slide, which means each presentation will be about seven minutes long. After the presentations are complete, we will all have time to visit and ask questions.

Topics can range from beekeeping to xylophone maintenance and everything in between. The important elements are passion and a desire to share with your neighbors. However, presentations of a political, religious, or transactional (sales) nature will not be accepted.

To submit an idea for a presentation, please fill out the CONTACT FORM with details about your topic. A staff member will contact you with more information.

Presenter speaking during a Talk20MHK event.
A presentation from the Talk20MHK event in June 2017.